Monday, December 29, 2014

Snow Family

The Snow clan is one you're not likely to forget! With almost 50 people in this family and awesomely fun personalities to match, this group was such fun to be around. With such a large group, I brought along my handy, dandy assistant Brian (my hubby). He thought this was especially cool since he grew up down the way from the Snows! SO, without further adieu, I give you the Snow Family!
 The Original Dozen

The two that started it all...

The kids with their families
(I did my best to remember their chronological order...but there's a lot of ya'll)

Mom, Dad and all their kids

The whole Family
(Grandma too!)


I feel like this photo should be entitled, "Craziness". It's crazy, but it's real...AND the best I could do with half the kids boycotting! Hahaha!

Laugh courtesy of my husbands dancing bum.


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