Friday, March 16, 2012

Miss. Kara and Miss Kelli

    I had so much fun shooting my first baptism photo shoot with these two ADORABLE girls! They are so full of life and loved hamming it up! They recently turned 8 years old and in the LDS church that's the age that they are old enough to decide if they would like to be baptized. These girls were obviously delighted with their upcoming event! It was great practice for me, as this year I have my own (and oldest) daughter turning 8!
   The weather co-operated beautifully and with the exception of a few ants, we enjoyed our time outdoors in the lovely fields. I'm always amazed at the treasures of beauty I find in Lake Elsinore.
    Tonight, I'm having some serious watermark issues, so to keep from throwing my laptop out the window (yes. I'm there) and the late night hour that it has become, I'm only showin' off my favorite few. So,\without further adieu, I give you Kara and Kelli!

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Traci Elizabeth said...

beautiful girls and beautiful photography! nice job Jen!